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Mailbag: “Radio City and Riverside”

December 1, 2008

Dear Michael,

30 some years ago I had Readers Digest records containing Reginald Dixon at the Tower ballroom organ, Reginald Foort at the Wurlitzer organ, Raymond Bohr at Radio City Music hall organ, and Virgil Fox at the Riverside Church organ. Have you ever heard of this 4 record set? If I could find the set of CD, or any CD with these organists, I’d appreciated a note from you…




Yes, that was a wonderful album, enjoyed by many (and long unavailable). You might find a copy of the original LP box on ebay music… or from the Princeton Record Exchange. To my knowledge, only some of the selections from that Reader’s Digest LP set (those by Fox) made it over to CD format, but I’m not in a position to say exactly which ones. Check the Virgil Fox Discography online. As for the three theater organists, you might contact someone at the American Theatre Organ Society for more information.




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