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Mailbag: “So Much to Enjoy”

November 11, 2008

Dear Michael,

Since my retirement I have been able to spend much more time on a life-long interest, now not just listening to organs, but also learning to play, and travelling more. I have just signed up for my fourth organ tour in the Netherlands - smaller group and more leisurely pace than your own tours. I have only just become aware of your programmes online, and I have found them very valuable. In spite of a large collection of CDs there are many organs and many pieces which I don’t have, and your programme provides access to so many of these, often with the opportunity for me to buy the CDs if I want to hear more - with the samples giving me confidence that I will find them useful. You also provide access to parts of many CDs no longer obtainable, and to performances that haven’t been sold on CD. It’s good to hear so much of the repertoire, of the pieces that I like, and those that I don’t like yet.
Thank you very much for providing such a useful and enjoyable facility - and thanks to to Mr and Mrs Wesley C. Dudley and others.
May I suggest two changes to your Mailbag. The form is said to be provided for questions, but as there isn’t a separate address for compliments, maybe the heading should be “Questions and comments.” The other is that emails are only accepted if one specifies “State” - as a required field - so there is no honest way for someone who isn’t in the USA to write to you. So, I lied, I’m not really from Alabama, but from the UK.




Thanks for the good words, glad you find our website interesting. We’ll see about adapting the mailbag format. You’ve been four times to the Netherlands? Our next PIPEDREAMS tour will be in Austria, somewhat less strenuous itinerary than past years. Might that interest you (May 6-17, 2009)? Information can be found here and since our group is mostly non-players, opportunities exist.




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