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Mailbag: “By the Book”

September 30, 2008

Dear Michael,

My wife, Jane, and I have been devoted Pipedreams listeners for many, many years. Jane has her masters in organ from the University of Iowa and reamains a fan of a friend of yours, Dr. Del Disstelhorst, chairman of the organ department there when she was a student. Thanks to Pipedreams we have an extensive library of organ recordings including a number of sets of Bach by different performers on a different organs.
I would like to find a nice “coffee table” book of photographs of classic European and American organs. The Organ Historical Society offers several books, but, unfortunately, the descriptions don’t tell me much about what I will find inside. Can you recommend one?

Jon and Jane


Jon and Jane,

Great to hear from you, and I appreciate your ‘devotion’ :-)
Unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee (true!), and am so totally buried in audio materials that I don’t have time to read (almost true...I’m buried in organ journals, as well), so cannot give you much help. I suggest that you call or email OHS and ask more detailed questions. I am sure they can satisfy your needs. And anyone reading this mailbag posting should feel free to send in a recommendation!





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