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Mailbag: “Pepping Pieces”

September 24, 2008

Dear Michael,

I’ve been listening to your show, for years, and I love it.
I had a problem, recently, finding 2 Pepping pieces; and I’m wondering if you would help me locate them.
I remember Biggs playing them on a record. Then I saw the music; I thought it was in Bohemian Brothers; but I recently got book I & II; and I did not recognize either of them. I bet the Biggs album was 24 Historic Organs.
Do you have an idea about what these two pieces are?




The selections by Ernst Pepping that appear in the 2-LP album The Golden Age of the Organ (Columbia M2S-697) are:

These all may be part of the Kleines Orgelbuch, though I suggest you do further research. A good source for such music, in my experience, is Lois Fyfe Music in Nashville, TN. They should be able to connect you with an appropriate publication.




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