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Mailbag: “Absolutely Loved It”

September 24, 2008

Dear Michael,

ABSOLUTELY LOVED last night’s program with Mr. Carpenter and his virtuosity. I cried when I heard the arrangement of Sheep May Safely Graze. It was what all great transcriptionists do, bring something new, audacious and poignant to a familiar tune. Curse others for thinking he’s too flamboyant to be merely an organist. He’s precisely what the genre needs to let younger listeners take notice.
Now, my question is this, and I’m fully prepared to accept the full wrath of Pipedream’s listeners, but have you ever done/consider doing a show on midi organs? I know that the show is concerned with pipe organs and with many of the greater organs going into disrepair, wouldn’t this be a way of preserving that grandeur? The way I look at it, I’ll never get a chance to perform on a Wurlitzer Theatre organ, but what a thrill it would be if I could play that with just a couple of keystrokes. Come on - embrace the technology. Isn’t that what all innovative organ builders do anyway?
Love the show, always have, always will.




Glad you enjoyed the show. No, not likely that I will do a show on MIDI organs. If something of interest pops up, I may include it, but not a whole show (what is a MIDI-organ anyway?).





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