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Mailbag: “RJE Productions”

September 15, 2008

Dear Michael,

I have emailed Michael Barone many times, and he has always responded! What a treat.
Several weeks ago, Pipe Dreams featured a lighthearted, theater organ-type presentation with a lot of LeRoy Anderson pieces, played, as I recall, on a private instrument. All I can recall are the initials “RJE,” which may be totally wrong, as the source for the related CD. Can you direct me to the source for this CD, please –as I understood it, the CD has to be purchased directly from the recording artist, a gentleman.
Thanks so much. I love Pipe Dreams. I was so fortunate to live in the Portland, Oregon area for so many years when the wonderful Organ Grinder instrument was extant! What a superb instrument. I used to sit and listen for 3-4 hours at a time.
Blessings on Michael and all of you.




Everything you need to know is on the website. Previous week’s programs are accessed through an index link, “Programs”, in the upper purple margin. Or just type in RJE in the ‘Search’ bar...either way, it will lead you to:
Some Favored Flavors

From there you can link to RJE Productions (R Jelani Eddington), the source of all of his CDs.




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