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Mailbag: “Feike Asma”

August 27, 2008

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for playing Feike Asma, from the Oudekerk in Amsterdam. I grew up there, and have very many memories there.
I am a regular listener, love the program!




Glad you enjoyed the program.
While still in college, and before I knew very much about Dutch organs (and organists) beyond the exposure from E. Power Biggs, I ran across a monophonic (1950s) recording by Feike Asma playing the 5th Organ Symphony by Widor at the Oude Kerk...which, according to what I thought I know, should have been impossible. Instead, it was quite incredible, very exciting (if totally un-French in sonority). And that was my introduction to the art of Feike Asma.





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