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Mailbag: “Virtual Organ”

June 13, 2008

Dear Michael,

I have heard much about the Marshall and Ogletree Virtual Pipes organs. Any chance you might devote a program to this subject in the near future?




I’m not certain what would be gained by such a program, as all organ music becomes ‘virtual’ when processed through a recording or broadcast. I have included a few tracks of the M&O organ on PIPEDREAMS, and likely will include others, particularly as that seems to be the vehicle-of-choice of Cameron Carpenter (without question a musician worth hearing), who is on the verge of releasing a new CD recorded on the instrument at Trinity Wall Street. I’ve heard the Trinity Wall Street instrument on several occasions, and can report that it really is quite extraordinary. I’ve also heard the same instrument is other, less acoustically satisfactory surroundings, and in those circumstances found it less compelling. To this I should add that I have heard many pipe organs that I would categorize as ‘less than compelling’, too, but the best of them is beyond comparison. Life is filled with challenge and compromise. We each have our own ‘tripping point’





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