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Mailbag: “Name That Tune”

April 28, 2008

Dear Michael,

I enjoyed very much listening to a violin organ piece on the pipe dreams show. It was very distinctive because it was a violin along with an organ. I want to get the recording. I went to pipe dreams webpage and looked on the “Going for Baroques” program listings and I could not find it. It was played toward the end of “Going for Baroques” pipe dreams show. The specific piece was broadcast approximately at 10:12pm April 27, 2008 on KSJN 99.5 FM in Minneapolis MN.
I went to the website and listened to the whole show again twice. I do not know why I did not hear it because it was so distinctive with violin along with an organ. It was definitely the baroque show because they talked a lot about baroque organ throughout the show.
Any information you could give me that would help me find the title of this violin organ piece would be greatly appreciated.




The piece you heard was JOHANN HEINRICH SCHMELZER: Sonata secunda -Odile Edouard, violin; Freddy Eichelberger, organ (K617 CD-114). This was the first part of the post-PIPEDREAMS module that I create to make a full 2-hour package for those stations that have requested same. Unfortunately, this extra 29-minutes is not aired by the majority of stations that carry PIPEDREAMS.
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