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Mailbag: “Music Choice”

March 21, 2008

Dear Michael,

Why the choices in music? I do not care if it is hard to play much of the organ music featured is not pleasant to listen to, is eminently forgettable and as one composer put it is just noise. I used to enjoy pipe dreams, and my musical taste is very broad, from theater organ to Bach.




I’m not sure how to respond, Tom, when you don’t tell me what is making you unhappy. From theater organ to Bach may not be as broad as you imagine. The choices are made to cover the variety of repertoire, representative of what has been done and is being done with the instrument. Bach died in 1750, and a lot has happend since (and what he wrote would make many theater-organ-specific listeners blanche). I’m not trying to be cute…I really am curious as to what has rubbed you the wrong way.





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