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Mailbag: “Missing Audio”

March 5, 2008

Dear Michael,

Good morning! Please pass this on to Pipe Dreams. I’m working my way back through the archives and find programs #2017 - #9906 not having a “Listen to the Program” link. Also some before then, I didn’t do an exhaustive search. Is there any way to listen to those programs?




The PIPEDREAMS programs available for audition via the online archive begin from the point when that online service was inaugurated here (in the year 2000, with #0218). You will note that the sound quality of programs from #0218 to #0305 are of a reduced bit-rate/sound quality…which is what we were using at the time. We have since upgraded the sound quality to the point where the online signal is nearly as good as can be produced by a stereo table radio. Programs prior to #9844 do not exist online at this time, as they predate our online service.
Unfortunately, we have our hands full keeping up with the weekly progress or new program production, and filling in the blanks has taken a back-seat. However, we are trying to upgrade the audio on those programs which do exist at present in ‘diminished’ early-phase sound, and you will discover those in a random sampling. Also, in observance of our 25th anniversary, we are uploading our inaugural, early programs (#8201-8214), and likely will continue with addition of some of the shows from our 1983 ‘return to the air’.
If you already have listened to everything that we have available online (in good or bad audio), I’m amazed and delighted by your energy (as there are several hundred programs, representing at least 400 hours of listening…). I wish we had more staff to do more things, but on the other hand, so far this year only about 15 people have contributed to support the online service (@$300.00 total), which doesn’t pay the bills for all the extra work we ‘ought to be doing’ :-)





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