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Mailbag: “Podcasts, Please”

December 19, 2007


Dear Michael,

How workable is it to have Pipedreams get podcasts? I can only listen at my computer and the sound quality is not good. I would like to listen in my bed at night with a monaural ear bud before I go to sleep.

I used to listen to your programs when we lived in Arkansas over 20 years ago. Now our local PBS station does not carry them in Philadelphia. I was delighted to find Pipedreams on the web.

Susan Betts



Sorry, but the administration time and cost (getting clearances of rights for copyrighted materials) makes the podcasting of most music programs on public radio prohibitive.

We are feeding a high quality bit-rate audio for our program at the moment, so perhaps a better set of speakers for your computer will improve the sound for you (I find the playback quite remarkable), and certainly this would sound better than a monophonic earbud.

It is disappointing that Philadelphia does not carry PIPEDREAMS…a challenging situation…particularly as I am a regular visitor to Philadelphia to host pre-concert chats before the major organ recitals at Verizon Hall.

Sweet dreams. :-)


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