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Mailbag: “Bonus Music”

December 17, 2007

Dear Michael,

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas program for this week! Also, even though it was not intended for Thanksgiving, I especially loved the program before or after …the one with all the big, wonderful, “victorious” or “triumphal” music, during which you confessed that you are, at base, a bass horn player (ALRIGHT!). I get a kick out of lots of growling pedal tones…its like being out in the middle of the Atlantic, with the ocean heaving.

Please put me on your “bonus” half-hour extra program net listening option.

I wish you a happy Advent, merry Christmas, and many more years of Broadcasting rich organ music.




Thanks for the good words. Yes, I played Sousaphone in high school (and yesterday attended the local iteration of Tuba Christmas…122 tubas, euphoniums, baritone horns and sousaphones gathered together playing carol arrangements in a local church…quite a sound!).

As for the ‘bonus’ half-hour, you need to sign yourself up for that…just click on this ‘newsletter’ link and follow the instructions. There are several newsletters to choose from so make sure you click the checkbox next to “Organ Notes from Pipedreams”.

Best Christmas/New Year Greetings to you, too!


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