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Mailbag: “Theater Organs”

December 13, 2007

Dear Michael,

I was reading an e-mail from a listener in Richmand and he stated that he always tried to hear all of the Theatre Pipe Organ music that you had on the shows. I am woundering if you would be so kind as to send a list if it is available. Truly enjoy the show and try to listen as often as I can but now that I have found your web site I spend a lot of time listening to the old shows. Canyou send that list, if possible.

I have an experience with Eddy Layton in New York on a theater pipe organ and have some slides of this. I will e-mail you later and try to figure out a way to send these to you.




Sorry, Ed, but there is no ‘list’ of theater organ shows, as such. You can try typing in ‘theater organ’ or ‘Wurlitzer’ in the search bar on the PIPEDREAMS page, and it should bring you quite a few programs which feature theater organ selections.

Hope that works,


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