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Mailbag: “Yokota in California”

August 7, 2007

Dear Michael,

I would like to suggest an organ to be profiled. The Yokota Organ which was built at CSU Chico for the Centennial Celebration is an outstanding example of the organ builders craft. It is modeled on a 1752 Silberman and was built on-site, in the “old way” I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on the voicing and tuning of the instrument. I do believe it is one of the finest organs of its kind in the US. The building in which it was housed, not somuch, but it is still a sight to behold. (Not to mention hear) I would highly recommend that you take a look at it. (Harald Vogel from the North German Organ Academy playedone of its debut concerts, I believe.)


Good suggestion, but somewhat old news. I have included the Chico instrument in several broadcasts over the years, most recently Program #0640 Old Bach in the New World, devoted to instruments in the USA built according to historic principals.

Mr. Yokota is involved with another project, recreating a Casparini organ from Vilnius for the Eastman School in Rochester, NY…should be completed in a year…and I expect to be involved in making a program around that one (and other instruments in Rochester).

So many organs, so little time.

Would that PIPEDREAMS aired on some stations in California…

Thank heaven for the internet.




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