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Mailbag: “The Inaudible Archive”

June 5, 2007

Dear Michael,

Some of the earlier Pipedreams programs are available in your archives to look at. However they do not have any music that you can listen to. Are there any plans in the future to put music to these programs. Thank you for your time.

Rowan Hill


Sorry to provide tantalizing ‘content’ but no related audio. I wish that we could post the entire PIPEDREAMS archive online, but there’s only so much that our tiny staff can accomplish.

Our first priority is to make a new program each week, and support it as best we can with online links, pictures, etc.

At present, programs prior to mid February 2003 exist online in a rather reduced bit-rate, and we hope to upgrade those to a better ‘sound’. That will take time, too, but would be our first priority.

Our very old program archive is still in analog tape format, so anything prior to September 1998 first would require transformation to digital mode before we could put it online. But you’ve noticed that there are a lot of programs between September 1998 and the point at which you can actually listen to online audio. So, yes, our work is cut out for us.

If you would like to send in a large quantity of money, we could hire an audio engineer to begin this process immediately!. :-)

Thanks for your interest, and your patience.


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