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Mailbag: “Pursuing Programs”

March 9, 2007

Dear Michael,

Is it possible to purchase recordings that are described in the program listings as “MPR archive”? I once scribbled a reference to a piece I heard on the show some time ago - a Vivaldi composition transcribed by JS Bach. It turned out to be show number 511, March 14 2005. According to the program list, it was Concerto in D, Op. 3 no 11, recorded at Saint Thomas Church. Thank you for great shows and your educational comments.

John Sabelli
Homer, NY


The short answer is ‘no’…unless we happen to repackage material from our archives, as we have in three cases already, as a Pipedreams CD (those three are posted on our front web page). Our ‘archive’ recordings are simply that, performances taped (by us and others) from concerts in various venues, recordings made specifically for broadcast use.

There are many, many recordings of the Vivaldi-Bach concerto transcriptions. A fine set of Bach performances (recorded on historically-informed instruments in the US) is issued by Raven Records. Another good resource is the Organ Historical Society.


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