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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Mailbag: “Genevan Psalter”

February, 26, 2007

Dear Michael,

I first would like to extend a hearty thanks to you for doing this wonderful work in keeping the interest of the pipe organ alive!  My first question is from what recording did you take the opening music (from the Genevan Psalter) on the program “Beyond Sunday Morning”?  My religious background is Dutch Reformed and so the Genevan melodies are a staple in the sung worship.  When sung using original tempos and note values, they truly are beautiful, nearly 500 years later.  Also, are you planning any trips to Ontario in the near future?  I wouldn’t miss it!
Thanks again and I look forward to many more Pipedreams!

James van den Brink
Saint Catharines, Ontario

The performance of the Hymn, “Father we thank thee”…OHS CD-95 came from an anthology of performances recorded at an Organ Historical Society convention in Michigan in 1995 (featuring Thomas Kuras playing the 1861 Hook organ at Holy Cross RC Church in Marine City, MI).  The CD is available from the Organ Historical Society
Sorry, no trips to Ontario on the immediate horizon, but I am wondering about a PIPEDREAMS Tour in Canada…probably more likely to be in Quebec…perhaps at some future time.


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