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Mailbag: “Purchasing CDs Online?”

January 18, 2007

Dear Michael,

Do you have a listing of the websites CD’s can be purchased from?

Rev. Ronald Potter
Medina, OH

Dear Ronald,

Many of the individual CDs that appear in our program lists online are hot-linked from their program page to some page where those CDs may be purchased. Have you investigated that option?

On our main web page you will find a column of “Resources”, and clicking on that you find a list which includes: Recording Resources …which should give you a good start. Many CDs can be purchased through the usual online channels (such as Amazon.com), though you are encouraged to source your organ CDs through the Organ Historical Society online catalog. Also, it makes sense to connect directly with the various domestic labels/distributors (Gothic, Albany, Raven, JAV, etc.).

Happy hunting. There’s a LOT out there.



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