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Mailbag: “Grateful Dead?”

November 17, 2006


Dear Michael,

I love Pipedreams! We were listening last week and I heard you make a reference to the band Grateful Dead. Although I never liked their music myself, my best friend loves the Grateful Dead. I had just left the room and came back in when I heard you mention them and I was wondering what their connection to the Pipe Organ was, if any? And why you mentioned them on your show?

Also, I love the organ music of Olivier Latrie! Where can I order a cd of some of his music that you have played on your show? Thanks again for putting on the best show on radio! Long Live Pipedreams!!!

Jeniffer Kozlowski
Wilmington, VT

Dear Jeniffer,

The mention of The Grateful Dead to which you refer was in conjunction with a performance of Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Organ and Percussion in Program #643.

Organ soloist John Walker mentioned that this concert was part of the American Mavericks series in San Francisco, and that this particular performance was included in a marathon event during which the San Francisco Symphony was followed by The Grateful Dead. So there were a lot of Dead Heads listening to Harrison. No other connection between TGD and organ music.

As for Olivier Latry, his many recordings are available either through Amazon.com or http://www.ohscatalog.org

If you liked the Harrison Concerto, you might like the works of Olivier Messiaen (which Latry has recorded at Notre Dame Cathedral). Olivier has appeared regularly on Pipedreams. Simply put his name into the ‘search’ box on our website at http://www.pipedreams.org

As for Pipedreams being the “best show on radio”…I couldn’t agree more!



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