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Mailbag: “Restoration at Hope College?”

September 8, 2006

Dear Michael,

You might want to follow this restoration and eventual rededication. It’s at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Their 1929 Skinner is now being returned to Dimnent Chapel after being gone for almost two years. See Web site for project info and a link to pictures. My son is a student at Hope, and reports that Dr. Huw Lewis is expecting the sound to be close to or better than what it was when it was first built. I don’t see anything on pipedreams.org about Hope or this organ, but you may want to add this to your database. I heard the organ before it was removed, and I’d love to hear a Pipedreams show featuring this instrument’s new sound.

Richard Wildhirt
Lake Tapps, Washington

Dear Richard,

I’ve been informed of this, and am quite interested. If Huw Lewis want to involve me in some sort of PIPEDREAMS LIVE! event there, he should contact me. Otherwise, I am mostly at the mercy of the local sources for providing recordings that they make of their instruments I do not travel nearly as much as it appears.



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