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Mailbag: “News Reporter ”

September 8, 2006

Dear Michael,
I enjoy Pipe Dreams although I preferred it when we got it early on Sunday morning to our current 2-4 pm on Sunday schedule. Anyway, you’ve probably been asked this 1000 times already, but are you the same Michael Barone as the editor of US News & World Report?

Ann Aldrich
Keystone Heights, FL

Dear Ann,
The scheduling of PIPEDREAMS is totally controlled by the local station…I’m glad that it is aired at all and, statistically, more people do get a chance to hear it when broadcast 2-4PM than when it aired earlier on Sunday morning. Supposedly. You can listen at any time on the internet.

As for the Michael Barone question, no, I am not the political editor, but he and I have met on several occasions. No relation.



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