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Mailbag: “Max Reger”

August 21, 2006

Dear Michael,
Love your website and programs.
Wish you could still be heard in Denver, CO. (I am trying to get it heard here.)

In 1976, I obtained MHS records of Max Reger. I played and loaned them out so many times that the groves are worn - losing much information. Has/will MHS put these records on CD?

With much appreciation,
Robert Gift, organist, carillonneur


Dear Robert,
Thanks for your good words. We, too, wish we could be heard on radio in Denver. Best of luck with your efforts in that regard.

I am not aware that any of those recordings of organ music by Max Reger (licensed by MHS from several German sources, often the Camerata label, now defunct) have been made available in CD reissues.

However, Reger’s music is very well represented on CD. Check the listings at the Organ Historical Society’s online catalog:



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