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Mailbag: “Virgil Fox organ”

June 1, 2006

Dear Michael,
Is this the magnificent instrument that was used by Virgil Fox to record the Jongen Symphonie Concertante? I believe that it was this or the Trocadero instrument.

Jim Ryland
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Jim,
The organ upon which Virgil Fox recorded the Jongen Symphonie Concertante (an EMI release) was the Gonzalez rebuild for the Palaise de Chaillot (a modern hall build onthe site of the 19th century hall) of the Cavaillé-Coll organ created for the previous building, the Trocadero.

That instrument was removed from the Palaise de Chaillot in the 1970s and now resides in the Maurice Ravel Auditorium in Lyon.



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