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Mailbag: “Gonzalez-Dargassies IV in Paris”

April 27, 2006

Dear Michael,
I offen listen to your programm on the web, thank you for the quality of this programm.

In France, we don’t have a lot of organs in the concert halls, and there is a big risk, that the biggest will be destroyed or moved. It’s the Gonzalez-Dargassies IV, 98 stops in the 104 studio of the “maison de la radio” in Paris also called Olivier Messiaen concert hall.

We need the help of all the international community of organist to save this instrument, please sign the petition available on the website of Antoine Pietrini It would be nice if you could pass the information to the american organist and audience.

Thank you for your help,

(excuse my poor english !)

Paris, France

Thanks for writing about this serious situation. Do not worry; your English is 1000% better than my French! I had received notice just a few days ago from Marie-Claire Alain and already have mailed in my response to the petition.

It is truly sad that in a country where the pipe organ heritage continues to be so strong, so few instruments are available in concert halls…and this one is in jeapordy. England, Germany, increasingly so here in the United States, and many other countries are proud of their concert hall instruments. What is wrong with France? If governmental funding is in short supply, is there not some private enterprize that could take over fiscal responsibility for organ maintainance and use?

I do encourage PIPEDREAMS web-browsers to read the information on Antoine Pietrini’s website and respond in whatever way they feel is appropriate and functional.



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