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Mailbag: “Pipedreams live”

April 27, 2006

Dear Michael,
Enjoy Pipedreams each week and had the opportunity to attend the program in Dallas.


1. Will the recording made of the Dallas program be broadcast? If so, when?
2. Is it possible to purchase a copy of the program in Dallas?
3. How/where can I order recordings of theater organs - looking for show, broadway and popular music.


Randy Hinshaw
Corinth, TX

Dear Randy,
You’re referring to the April 2005 Pipedreams Live! event from Dallas. Yes, eventually something form that (though perhaps not all of it…it went for 2+ hours, you remember) will appear on a PIPEDREAMS show, perhaps in autumn 2006. Nothing specific has been scheduled yet.

Sorry, the recording is not available for sale.

Theatre organ recordings (and classical, too) in voluminous quantity and astonishing variety are available through the Organ Historical Society Catalog www.ohscatalog.org, and you should also ask them to send you a hard-copy catalog for easy home reference.



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