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Mailbag: “Bach on Big”

April 27, 2006

Dear Michael,
A couple of weeks back you played from a CD/Record called Bach on Big. Can you tell me where I might buy a copy if available on CD.


P.S. Always enjoy the program when I have time to listen.
Dick Verboort
Hillsboro, OR

Dear Dick,
We’ve had recent programs “Around Bach” and celebrating E. Power Biggs (who played some Bach in the context of his two programs). If it truly was withing the past few weeks, you’ll need to check the program lists on the PIPEDREAMS website and hone in closer to a more detailed question.

However, if it was more than a couple of weeks back, perhaps what you are inquiring about and what I have in mind are the same thing.

Years ago, Robert Elmore recorded an album released as a Living Presence LP-disc on the Mercury label…titled Bach on the Biggest and featuring several Bach works played on the world’s largest pipe organ at the Atlantic City Convention Center Auditorium in New Jersey. It has been reissued in CD format recently:


A non-profit society has been formed to works towards a complete restoration of that remarkable instrument. They are making real progress, though it will be some years before we can count on hearing the beast play live again. Meanwhile, the Bach on the Biggest CD reissue (and another sampler CD from the ACCHOS) will tantalize and inspire us.


PS: if this is not the album, you’ll need to contact us again with more specifics.


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