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Mailbag: Inventions and patents

March 15, 2006


Dear Michael
Several years ago I conceived of a way to effectively simulate at the console the ‘feel’ and speaking behavior of real tracker action, while allowing for electrical (rather than mechanical) transmission of the key signals to the pipe valves. I documented it, but never sought a patent on the idea and am now wondering if anyone else, amateur or professional, has implemented any way to do this on real instruments.

Bob Bacon,
Darien, Illinois

Dear Bob,
Yes, a company called Synchordia (or Syncordia) attempted this about 15 years ago, with mixed results. Several instruments have been installed with this process, and I think (with refinements) it is being used in some current projects, but I cannot call them to mind at the moment. It is an idea that makes plenty of sense…problem was in aligning the sensors and regulating their action in an instrument where changes in humidity create changes in mechanical tolerances.




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