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Mailbag: Purchase programs?

March 14, 2006


Dear Michael,
I wish you would offer your individual programs (at least a monthly collection, if not weekly) for purchase. There are some that are so wonderful, I would love to listen to them over and over! Do you foresee such an offering in the future?

Thanks for offering a wonderful program –my favorite “show” that I never miss!

Maryann Alldredge,
Elberfeld Indiana

Dear Maryann,
No, I do not see us selling programs individually or as a collection, but you can listen over-and-over-and-over again from our Web site audio archive. Earlier this week, while at an American Guild of Organist’s conclave in Nevada, a young listener made the point of telling me that he had several dozen specific PIPEDREAMS programs on his internet ‘favorites’ list, so that he could easily click and play them repeatedly whenever he wanted.

I’m glad you enjoy PIPEDREAMS. I have a good time doing the program, and am gratified by the audience response. Spread the word…get others listening too.




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