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Mailbag: Richard Ellsasser

March 8, 2006

Dear Michael,
Is there going to be a program about the forgotten organist Richard Ellsasser? I heard him in the (’60s) in Tampa Florida and WOW.I have a few (records) and his playing is as foxy as vfox himself.What a nice tribute it would be for the now generation to here an artist of his caliber.

Russell Whidden
Lk Wales, Forida

Dear Russell,
I do toy with this idea, since I collected Elsasser recordings back in the early 1960s, and recently got ahold of a bunch more. Unfortunately, most of them are in a rather cramped monophonic sound, and none of them (monor or stereo) has been reissued on CD. He’s definitely worth some attention, but most people these days have either forgotten him or never heard the name. All a matter of available time…




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