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Mailbag: Olivier Latry

February 8, 2006

Dear Michael:
I have a question that hopefully you can either help answer for me or let me know of somewhere to find the answer. Today (1/29) there is an organ recital in Cincinnati, my home town, given by Olivier Latry. The following Sunday he will be giving another recital in Severance Hall in Cleveland which I will be attending (and am SO excited!). Do you know where else he will be stopping, if anywhere? Thank you!

Sipkje Pesnichak
Fredonia, NY

Dear Sipkje:
This is a fair enough question. Olivier played here in Saint Paul as the first stop in this brief round of his American appearances. He went from Minnesota to Cincinnati, then to Cleveland, and that was it for this go-round. He’ll return in May for a recital at Saint Ignatius Loyola in NYC and a series of sold-out concerts with the Philadelphia Orchestra on the new Dobson organ at Verison Hall in Philadelphia. Then he’s not back until October.

But to get at the heart of your question, I did a ‘google’ search for Olivier Latry and came up with his American management’s web page:


This includes a biography, press notices, and discography, but does not list his American tour appearances.

However, if you go back to the management’s main web page…


…you’ll see a link for “Calendar” and there discover where else Mr. Latry will be playing.

I admit that it would be more convenient if the individual artist’s page had a link to a list of their projected tour dates, and will forward this email on to McFarlane Management for their consideration.




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