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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Mailbag: Organ History in Berlin Brandenburg

January 18, 2006

Dear Michael:
I had recently the chance to listen to your superb programme live on the internet…With wordless respect…i am very stunned about the profound research as well as the incredible sound examples…I live in Berlin AREA…so if your looking for additional support in the field of Organ History in Berlin Brandenburg please let me know…

George Zack
Berlin, Germany


Dear George:
I’ve been in Berlin twice (and hope to come again), visiting the Cathedral’s Sauer organ, the Charlottenburg castle reconstruction, the Hook, the Eule at Gendarmenmarkt, and the Miegend organ at Berlin-Karlshorst (my favorite).

It is quite wonderful to know that listeners in every part of the world enjoy PIPEDREAMS via the internet!


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