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Mailbag: Podcasting

January 4, 2006

Dear Michael:
I’m curious about your plans for podcasts and your shows, particularly Pipe Dreams. I really enjoy this show, but it airs during a time of activity in our house (getting little people into bath and bed). I’d really like to be able to listen later, and want good audio fidelity when I do so.

Please consider putting podcasts of this show online, at a high bitrate. There are a few good podcasts out there that are crippled by a desire to sound like bad AM radio (KCRW had one for a while). For an example of one that’s done well, at a higher level of fidelity, please take a listen to spacemusic.nl.

All the best for this new year!
Danny Vinson

Dear Danny:
Our shows are available in the “Programs” archive at our website <www.pipedreams.org>, and are distributed at a 32khz bit-rate via a RealPlayer audio download. The sound quality is expected to improve somewhat in the coming months when we switch to a Windows Media software, also at 32K bit-rate, though the present audio quality (RealPlayer at 32khz) of programs going back to February 2003 (and some earlier) is not bad.

Various restrictions regarding the copyrights in the United States to the many commercially-recorded selections we use would prevent us from providing the program (with them included) in podcast format.




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