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Mailbag: XM Radio?

December 17, 2005

Dear Michael:
After reading your response about organ program length and lack of interest among stations, have you considered XM or Sirius radio?

Thanks and Enjoy your program on WNED-FM.

Chuck Magavero
Williamsville, NY


Dear Chuck:
As it turns out, PIPEDREAMS does appear on the XM Satellite Radio schedule, Sunday morning (6AM/EST-3AM/PST) and repeated Sunday evening (12 midnight EST-9PM/PST) on the Public Radio Channel (#133). This is a broadcast of the full two-hour production, which includes the standard 90-minute PIPEDREAMS show and the extra 30-minute non-organ related classical music that I introduce. More information about XM Radio is available at www.xmradio.com.



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