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Mailbag: More pieces for organ and orchestra

December 10, 2005

Dear Michael:
I am curious about compositions for organ and orchestra. Beyond the Poulenc and Saint-Saëns symphony, one does not hear too many of them on the radio. How many concertos are there for the organ + orchestra?

Monica Heeg-Admiral
Springvale, Ontario

Dear Monica:
Your question is a good one, particularly as more and more American orchestra halls…in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Jacksonville, Washington, DC, Madison (WI), Los Angeles, Boston; soon Philadelphia, Orange County, Atlanta, Nashville…contain significant pipe organ installations.

We have an article on our website under “Resources”. You can link directly here:


Then further click on the link for a repertoire list. There is a ton of stuff. I wish more conductors would wake up to its availability!

As for radio programmers, that is a mystery which I cannot fathom.
The works of Rheinberger, Guilmant, Jongen, Horatio Parker, Widor, Flor Peeters and many others would make excellent ‘content’ for a classical music service. Push your local broadcast provider.
There’s no excuse to omit these things.



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