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Mailbag: Home-built Organs

November 30, 2005

Dear Michael:
Have you ever done a program on home-built organs? I blundered into a few web pages of crazy people who have built them. Absolutely amazing.


Holy cow! Look at that thing! Beautiful.


I’m sure there are many more, and you probably know all about them.

Matthew Trom
Portland, Oregon

Dear Matthew:
Your suggestion is an interesting one, particularly since the individuals whose projects are represented by the links you sent have penetrated to the very heart of one aspect of the pipe organ’s fascinating power…its marvelous mechanical/technical intricacy.

Apparently for these guys, it is definitely not a matter of “don’t try this at home!”

By happy coincidence, I am gathering materials for a program of pipe organs in homes (large and small), and the home-built units you mention might figure in that show. Stay tuned to find out.

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