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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

2011 Casavant
2011 Casavant/Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO


…a selective review of some intriguing recent compact disc releases.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ARTHUR SULLIVAN: Yeoman of the Guard Overture. SULLIVAN:  Cachucha, fr The Gondoliers –John Kitchen (1914 Norman & Beard/Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland) Delphian 34212

RUTH WATSON HENDERSON: Chromatic Partita (1995) –Rachel Mahon (1962 Harrison/Coventry Cathedral, England) Delphian 34234

JEAN-BAPTISTE DUPONT: Improvisation Suite (Fileuse; Chorale; Sicilienne; Postlude) –Jean-Baptiste Dupont (1963-2009 Harrison/St. Albans Cathedral, England) Hortus 174

KALLE TOIVIO: Adagio (Improvisation on a Theme by David Briggs) –Kalle Toivio (1993 Mahder/St. Ignatius Loyola Church, New York, NY) Pro Organo7286

JAMES CURNOW: Rejouissance (Fantasy on Ein feste Burg) –Chicago Gargoyle Ensemble/Stephen Squires; Mark Sudeith (Rodgers/St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Wheaton, IL) MSR 1735

Filler –

Hour 2

DAVID McINTYRE: Joyfully. GILLES LECLERC: Récit de tierce en taille. PHILIP MOORE: Laudate Dominum –Maxine Thévenot (1930-1993 Casavant/Holy Rosary Cathedral, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) Raven 162

CALLIPOE TSOUPAKI: Pour Notre Dame (2019) –Aart Bergwerff (1969 Flentrop/Breda Cathedral, Netherlands) OrganRoxx 02

HAROLD DARKE: Be strong and of good courage –Choir of St. Michael’s Cornhill/Jonathan Rennert; Benjamin Newlove (1926 Rushworth & Dreaper-2-10 Nicholson/St. Michael’s Cornhill, London) Regent 550

EDVARD JÄRNFELT: Praeludium –Jan Kraybill (2011 Casavant/Helzberg Hall, Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO) Reference 145

CARSON COOMAN: Rhapsody in A –Erol Simmons (1997 Mathis, via digital sampler/St. Peter & Paul Church, Görlitz, Germany) Divine Art 25200

EMIL von REZNICEK: Praeludium & Chromatic Fugue –Jan Kraybill (2011 Casavant/Helzberg Hall, Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO) Reference 145

Filler –

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