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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1982 Grenzing
1982 Grenzing/St. Cyprien, Périgord, France

Viva Vivaldi!

…in original works and transcriptions, the irrepressible Red Priest continues to deserve our applause.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ANTONIO VIVALDI (trans. Todorovski):  Concerto in B-flat, Op. 4, no. 1, fr La StravaganzaCatherine Todorovski (1982 Grenzing/St. Cyprien, Périgord, France) Syrius 252474

VIVALDI (trans. Bach):  Concerto in d, Op. 3, no. 11 (BWV 596), fr L’estro aromonicoGerhard Weinberger (1746 Hildebrandt/St. Wenzel Church, Naumburg, Germany) cpo777018

VIVALDI (arr. Boucher): Domine Deus, fr Gloria, RV 589Benoit Loiselle, cello; Vincent Boucher (1973 Wilhelm/St. Matthias Church, Montreal) ATMA 2568

VIVALDI (trans. Anne Dawson): Concerto/Sonata in F, Op. 3, no. 7Davide Pozzi (1745 Ddoria/St. Bartolomeo Apostolo, Ospitaletto, Italy) MVC 009/025

VIVALDIConcerto in C for Violin, Cello, Organ and Strings, RV 554L’Arte dell’Arco Ensemble/Federico Guglielmo, violin; Francesco Montaruli, cello; Roberto Loreggian (positive organ/Oratorio di S. Bovo, Padua, Italy) Brilliant Classics 94099/5

Filler – VIVALDI: Concerto in B-flat, Opus 4, no. 1 (see above)

Hour 2

VIVALDI (trans. Thilde):  Trumpet (originally Violin) Concerto in d, Op. 8, no. 9 –Miroslav Kejmar, trumpet; Jirina Pokorná (St. Clement’s Church, Prague, Czech Republic) Vars 0006

VIVALDI (trans. Bach):  Concerto in D/C, RV 208 (BWV 594) –Claudio Brizi (1756 Migendt/Zur frohen Botschaft Church, Berlin-Karlshorst, Germany) Quadrivium 022

VIVALDIConcerto in F for Violin, Organ and Strings, RV 542Il Rossignolo Ensemble/Fabio Cafaro, violin; Ottaviano Tenerani (1992 Chichi chamber organ) Tactus 672239

VIVALDI (trans. Todorovski):  Concerto in c, Op. 4, no. 10, fr La StravaganzaCatherine Todorovski (1982 Grenzing/St. Cyprien, Périgord, France) Syrius 252474

Filler – VIVALDI-BACH: Concerto in d, Op. 3, no. 11 (see above)

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