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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1998 Fritts
1998 Fritts/Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

All That Jazz (II)

…despite its formidable reputation, the King of Instruments knows how to let its hair down now and then.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

RICHARD RODGERSI wish I were in love againLEWIS GENSLERLove is just around the cornerJOAN WHITNEY & ALEX KRAMER It’s LoveBURT BACHARACHWhat the world needs is loveTom Hazleton (Wurlitzer/Capt’n’s Galley, Campbell, CA) Pipe Organ Presentations 104

ASTOR PIAZZOLLAAmelietango Burkhard Schmidt, saxophone; Traugott Forschner, trumpet; Gunter Kennel (1957 Schuke/Passionskirche, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany) Kirchbauhof 75951

IRVING GORDON/BARBARA DENNERLEIN: The UnforgettableBarbara Dennerlein (1962 Schuke/Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin, Germany) Bebab 250974

KIT DOWNES:  2 Pieces (Kings; Flying Foxes)Kit Downes (1877 Willis/Union Chapel, London & 2001 Bumstead/St. John’s Baptist Church, Snape, England) ECM 2559

DAVID JOYNERUn Poco Bud (Homage to Earl ‘Bud’ Powell):  Eric Lundquist, trumpet; Luke Peterson, percussion; Corey Edwards, piano; PLU University Jazz Ensemble/David Joyner; Paul Tegels (1998 Fritts/Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA) PD Archive (r. 11/9/08)

Filler – DENNERLEIN: Always Remember (Bebab 250974)

Hour 2

BARBARA DENNERLEIN: Black and WhiteBarbara Dennerlein (Hammond C3/Studio Acousticum, Piteå, Sweden) Bebab 250977

ALAN MENKENMean green mother from outer space, fr Little Shop of Horrors –Jonas Nordwall, Donna Parker & Martin Ellis/Trio Con Brio (van der Molen Studio/Wheaton, IL) TCB 333-03

FATS WALLER:  Medley –Tom Hazleton (1938 Möller/Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA) PD Archive (r. 4/23/80)

FRANK ZAPPAAlien OrificeEnsemble Ambrosius; Jonte Knif (chamber organ) Bis Northern Lights 5013

DUKE ELLINGTONI like the sunriseAlice Babs, vocalist; Ulf Wesslén (1927 Åkerman & Lund/Maria Magdalena Church, Stockholm, Sweden) Prophone 021

DUKE ELLINGTONSolitudeAnders Paulsson, saxophone; Harry Huff (1975 Åkerman & Lund/Katarina Church, Stockholm, Sweden) LCM 117

PIERRE CHOLLEY:  3 Pieces on D-S-C-H –Martin Heini (1996 Goll/St. Katherine’s Church, Horw, Switzerland) Guild 7401

NEIL HEFTILi’l Darlin’ –Thomas Jäger (1993 Jann/Keilberth Hall, Bamberg, Germany) Jäger2000

DAVID TIMM:  Toccata on Christ ist erstandenDavid Timm (1993 Voigt/St. Nikolai Church, Bad Liebenwerda, Germany) Raum Klang 9711

Filler – DENNERLEIN:  The Unforgettable (see above)

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