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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1727 Müller
1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Preludes and Fugues

…from the core format of organ music, these select and delectable items from beyond the standard repertoire.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

HENRY MARTIN: Prelude & Fugue No. 9 in BStephen Tharp (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

GEORG ANDREAS SORGE: Praeludium No. 4 in e. FRIEDRICH WILHELM MARPURG: Fugue No. 7 in E –Martin Haselböck (1753 Silbermann/Parish Church, Frankenstein, Germany) Querstand 0220

FRANZ LACHNER: Prelude & Fugue in E/e –Rudolf Innig (1911 Walcker/St. Jacob’s Church, Ilmenau, Germany) MD&G 3171487

CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD: Prelude & Fugue in eTom Winpenny (1892 Binns/Queen’s College Chapel, Oxford, England) Resonus 10104

FERUCCIO BUSONI: Prelude & Fugue, Op. 5 –Paolo Bottini (1968 Bevilacqua/St. Andrea Church. Empoli, Italy) Bongiovanni 5191

FREDRIK SIXTEN: Prelude & Fugue (1986)James D. Hicks (1929 Setterquist/Linköping Cathedral,Linköping, Sweden) Pro Organo 7239

Filler – MARPURG (see above)

Hour 2

ABRAHAM van den KERCKHOVEN: Prelude & Fugue in GFrançois Houtart (1995 Westenfelder/Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg) Pavane 7381

JOSEF SEGER: Prelude & Fugue in DMichal Novenko (1673 Mundt/Tyn Church, Prague, Czech Republic) Priory 880

OTTO OLSSON: Prelude & Fugue in f-sharp, Op. 52 (1918) –Hans Fagius (1976 Åkerman & Lund/Katarina Church, Stockholm, Sweden) Bis 191

PAULI RIIHIVAARA: Prelude and Fugue (1937) –James D. Hicks (1980 Virtanen/Turku Cathedral, Finland) Pro Organo 7279

CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS: Prelude & Fugue in G, Op. 109, no. 2Margaret Phillips (1891 Willis -1936 Harrison/Exeter Cathedral, England) York 110

FELIX MENDELSSOHN (trans. Bossert): Prelude & Fugue in B-flat, Op. 35, no. 6Christoph Bossert (1850 Schönach/St. Peter & Paul Church, Kastelruth, Germany) Saphir 830.860

Filler – MARTIN (see above)

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