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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1997 Fisk-Rosales
1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

First Things First

…we start the New Year with a survey of arresting, mostly-new music in world-premiere recordings.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

JEFFREY BRILLHARTPhiladelphia Flourish (2017)Daryl Robinson (2004 Glatter-Götz-Rosales/Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA) Gothic 49315

HENRY MARTINPrelude & Fugue No. 7 in EIsabelle Demers (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

KENNETH LEIGHTONThese are thy wonders, Op. 84Nicky Spence, tenor; Stephen Farr (2001 Klais/Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England) Resonus 10178

PETER BENOIT (trans. Callaerts): Solemn Procession, fr Drama ChristiPeter Van de Velde (1891 Schyven/Our Lady Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium) Aeolus 11151

S. ANDREW LLOYDChriste eleison, fr ChristusChoral Artists of Fort Worth/Ryan Chatterton; S. Andrew Lloyd (1996 Garland/1st Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX) Neumark 2017

RICHARD WETZ:  Passacaglia and Fugue in d –Silvius von Kessel (1992 Alexander Schuke/St. Mary’s Cathedral, Erfurt, Germany) Motette 12511

Filler – MARTIN: Prelude No. 7 (see above)

Hour 2

GARA GARAYEV4 Preludes (No. 14 in f#; No. 8 in F#; No. 22 in b-Flat; No. 20 in e-flat)Jamila Javadova-Setzberg (1973 Marcussen/Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands) DMP 64051

SIR PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: Farewell to Stromness. SASHA JOHNSON MANNING: Puck —Tom Bell (1969 Walker-2002 Wood/Blackburn Cathedral, England) LIR Classics 025

DAVID BEDNALL: Toccata on AberystwythPaul Walton (1969 Walker-2002 Wood/Blackburn Cathedral, England) Regent 498

HANS-OLA ERICSSONVocalise, fr Song of Songs –Lena Welman, flute; Hans-Ola Ericsson (2012 Woehl/Studio Acousticum, Piteå, Sweden) IFO Classics 7251

HENRY MARTIN Prelude & Fugue No. 12 in e-flatStephen Tharp (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

NAJI HAKIM: GershwinescaCarolyn Craig (2112 Dyer/Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington, KY) PD Archive 5/6/16)

Filler – MARTIN: Prelude No. 7 (see above)

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