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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1877 Cavaillé-Coll
1877 Cavaillé-Coll/Church of St. Clodoal, St. Cloud, France

Honoring Anniversaries

…of composers and performers who reached significant milestones in the year 2018.

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

CHRISTIAN ERBACH (b. 1568)Toccata settimi toniReinhard Jaud (1558 Ebert/Silver Chapel, Innsbruck, Austria) ORF 259

ABRAHAM van den KERCKHOVEN (b. 1618)FantasiaGustav Leonhardt (1756 Bedos-1985 Quoirin/Holy Cross Church, Bordeaux, France) Alpha 017

FRIEDRICH WILHELM MARPURG (b. 11/21/1718):  Prelude & Caprice –Martin Haselböck (1731 Silbermann/Parish Church, Reinhardtsgrimma, Germany) Querstand 0220

CHARLES GOUNOD (b. 6/17/1818)Allegro con fuoco, fr Suite Concertante –Ingolstadt Philharmonic/Alfredo Ibarra; Franz Hauk (1977 Klais/Ingolstade Cathedral) Guild 7185

OSKAR MERIKANTO (b. 8/5/1868)Passacaglia, Op. 80Tauno Äikää (1921 Walcker-2005 Scheffler/St. John’s Church, Helsinki, Finland) Finlandia 700

M. SEARLE WRIGHT (b. 4/4/1918)Introduction, Passacaglia & FugueFrederick Swann (Ruffatti & Aeolian-Skinner/Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA) Gothic 49049

Filler – GOUNOD (see above)

Hour 2

KERCKHOVENPrelude in dFrançois Houtart (1995 Westenfelder/Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg) Pavane 7381

ERBACH:  Canzona in E –Gustav Leonhardt (1642 Freundt/Klosterneuburg Abbey, Austria) Sony 68262

JOHN COOK (b. 10/11/1918): Fantasy on a Scottish Hymn Tune (Martyrs) –Marian Ruhl Metson (1987 Bozeman/Eliot Congregational Church, Newton, MA) Raven 210

CLAUDE DEBUSSY (d. 3/25/1918)Nuages, fr NocturnesThomas Weisflog & Scott Kumer (1928 Kimball, enlarged/St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Chicago, IL) Meridian 84372

DEBUSSYArabesque No. 1Gerard Brooks (1914 Mutin-Cavaillé-Coll/St. Peter’s Church, Douai, France) Priory 637

RENÉ VIERNE (d. 3/29/1918)Messe basse (Entrée-Elevation-Communion-Sortie)Marie-Thérèse Jehan (1896 Debierre/St. Peter Cathedral, Nantes, France) Edition Lade 007

JOSEPH BOULNOIS (d. 10/20/1918):  Choral in f# –Jane Parker-Smith (1998 Goll/St. Martin’s Church, Memingen, Germany) Avie 34

GOUNODAve Maria (after Bach) –Arnaud Sourisseau, treble; Pascale Mélis (1877 Cavaillé-Coll/Church of St. Clodoal, St. Cloud, France) Forlane 16759

HUBERT PARRY (d. 10/7/1918):  Fantasy on St. AnneJames Lancelot (1905-1970 Harrison/Durham Cathedral, England) Priory 692

Filler – COOK (see above)

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