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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1892 Willis-1978 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England][decorative stamp]
1892 Willis at 1978 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England

[Wurlitzer/Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL][decorative stamp]
Wurlitzer at Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL

[1992 Schantz/7th Street Christian Church, Richmond, VA][decorative stamp]
1992 Schantz at 7th Street Christian Church, Richmond, VA

[1927 Wurlitzer/Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL][decorative stamp]
1927 Wurlitzer at Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL

[1930 Aeolian/Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA][decorative stamp]
1930 Aeolian at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

On a Spring Note

…as seasons come and go, who is not filled with a sense of joyous celebration at the coming of Spring!?

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1614 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1614 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ALFRED HOLLINS: Spring SongRoy Massey (1892 Willis-1978 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England) Priory 103

RUBE BLOOM:   Spring FeverJohn Giacchi (Wurlitzer/Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL) Giacchi 003

EDVARD GRIEG (trans. Fox): To Spring, Op. 43, no. 6Virgil Fox (1954 Aeolian-Skinner/Riverside Church, New York City) EMI Classics 65426

IGOR STRAVINSKY (trans. Tharp): Le sacre du printemtpStephen Tharp (1949 Aeolian-Skinner/1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA) Pipedreams Archive (r. 6/27/14)

SIDNEY TORCH: On a spring noteTom Hazleton (Wurlitzer/Nethercutt Collection, Sylmar, CA) Klavier 77-14

Hour 2

MARY BETH BENNETT: Variations on Outbursts of Spring, TriumphantMary Beth Bennett (1992 Schantz/7th Street Christian Church, Richmond, VA) MBB 1/2015

NATHANIEL SHILKRET: Jennine, I dream of lilac timeJohn McCall (1927 Wurlitzer/Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL) JCM-003

RICHARD RODGERS: Spring is here, fr I married an angelGeorge Wright (Hollywood Philharmonic Organ/Wright Studio, Hollywood, CA) Banda 3322

RICHARD RODGERS: Younger than springtime, fr South PacificGeorge Wright (Wurlitzer/Richard Vaughan Studio, Los Angeles, CA) Boston Skyline 129

PAUL LINCKE: Spring, beautiful springGeorge Wright (Hollywood Philharmonic Organ/Wright Studio, Hollywood, CA) Banda 8480

AVRIL ANDERSON: The grass is sleeping –Timothy Bond (1998 Jehmlich/St. Wolfgang’s Church, Schneeberg, Germany) Regent 252

ALFRED HOLLINS: A Song of SunshineSimon Nieminski (1930 Kilgen-2012 Reuter/3rd Baptist Church, Saint Louis, MO) Regent 474

FIRMIN SWINNEN: Sunshine Toccata, fr Longwood SketchesThomas Murray (1930 Aeolian/Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA) DTR 8305


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