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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1930 Skinner/Saalkirche, Ingelheim, Germany][decorative stamp]
1930 Skinner at Saalkirche, Ingelheim, Germany

[2014 Dobson/Merton College Chapel, Oxford, England][decorative stamp]
2014 Dobson at Merton College Chapel, Oxford, England

[2003 Fisk/Notre Dame Cathedral, Lausanne, Switzerland][decorative stamp]
2003 Fisk at Notre Dame Cathedral, Lausanne, Switzerland

[1974 Phelps/Hexham Abbey, England][decorative stamp]
1974 Phelps at Hexham Abbey, England

[1871 Hook/Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin][decorative stamp]
1871 Hook at Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin

Americans Abroad

…though relatively few in number, some significant instruments by organ builders from the U. S. A. have found themselves as musical ambassadors in foreign settings.

Audio 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

W. A. MOZART (trans. Heywood):  Don Giovanni OverturePYOTR TCHAIKOVSKY (trans. Heywood):  Valse, fr Serenade for Strings, Op. 48 --Thomas Heywood (1930 Skinner/Saalkirche, Ingelheim, Germany) Griola 1033

JEAN LANGLAISDialogue sur les mixtures, fr Suite BreveJOHN STANLEYVoluntary in aMARCEL DUPRÉCortege et LitanieBenjamin Nicholas (2014 Dobson/Merton College Chapel, Oxford, England) Delphian 34142

PIERRE DuMAGETierce en taille, fr Suite on the 1st ToneMAURICE DURUFLÉPrelude, fr Suite, Op. 5Jean-Christophe Geisser (2003 Fisk/Notre Dame Cathedral, Lausanne, Switzerland) Organ 7210-2

LUDWIG van BEETHOVENAllegro con brio, fr Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92 --Thomas Heywood (1930 Skinner/Saalkirche, Ingelheim, Germany) Griola 1033

Hour 2

LOUIS CLAUDE DAQUINNoël Suisse (No. 12)LOUIS VIERNEImpromptu, Op. 55, no. 2THEODORE DUBOISToccata in GGillian Weir (1974 Phelps/Hexham Abbey, England) Argo 460 190-2

ANONYMOUS:  4 Pieces (Wach uff myn Hört; Vil lieber zit; Wolhin lass vögelin sorgen; Praeambulum super C), fr Buxheim Organ BookJoseph Payne (1992 Brombaugh/Haga Church, Göteborg, Sweden) Naxos 8.553468

HENRY DUNHAM:  Fantasy and Fugue in d, Op. 19 –George Bozeman (1871 Hook/Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin) Pape 7044

WILLIAM ALBRIGHT:  6 Pieces (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland; Sweet Sixteenths; Curio I, Recitative-Chorale, and Mountains, fr Organ Book III; Hymn) –Douglas Reed (1998 Fisk/Minato Mirai Hall, Yokohama, Japan) Equilibrium 35


Hear an between Michael Barone and organ builder Lynn Dobson concerning the Dobson organ installation at Merton College Chapel.


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