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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[Memorial Church, Harvard][decorative stamp]
Memorial Church, Harvard

[2000 GoArt/Örgryte New Church, Göteburg, Sweden][decorative stamp]
Charles B. Fisk and Peter J. Gomes Memorial Organ (Fisk Opus 139)

[Jane Slaughter Hardenberg Memorial Organ (Skinner Opus 793)][decorative stamp]
Jane Slaughter Hardenberg Memorial Organ (Skinner Opus 793)

[Adolphus Busch Hall (1958 Flentrop)][decorative stamp]
Adolphus Busch Hall (1958 Flentrop)

[Fisk Opus 46][decorative stamp]
Fisk Opus 46 (formerly in Memorial Church)

From Harvard Yard

…a visit to Memorial Church to hear the new gallery organ by C. B. Fisk, the renewed 1930 Skinner organ in Appleton Chapel, and some historic resonances of instruments from the past.

Audio 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

JOHN COOKFanfare (1952)Christian Lane (Fisk Op. 139)

JOHN RUTTERMost glorious lord of life (2010)ALFRED FEDAKSpring bursts today (premiere)Harvard Univerity Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director/Christian Lane (Fisk Op. 139)

JOHANN CHRISTIAN KITTEL:  Prelude No. 7 –David Higgs (Fisk Opus 139)

CHELSEA CHENRice DumplingsChelsea Chen (Fisk Opus 139), with violinist Lewis Wong

DAVID CONTEPrelude & Fugue (2004)Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793)

SAMUEL GILMANFair HarvardHarvard University Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director; Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793)

CARSON COOMANFantasia on Fair Harvard, Op. 964 (premiere) –Carson Cooman (Fisk Opus 139)

Hour 2

KENNETH LEIGHTONRockinghamChristian Lane (Fisk Opus 46)

CARSON COOMANGloucester Estampie (2010)Carson Cooman (Fisk Opus 46)

CRAIG PHILLIPSAnthem, I beseech you therefore (premiere) –Harvard University Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director; Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793)

NICO MUHLY:  Prelude on Lasst uns erfreuen (2007) –Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793)

OLA GJEILOSinfonietta (2002)Chelsea Chen (Fisk Opus 139)

CARSON COOMANThe Evening Choir (premiere)Harvard University Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director; Carson Cooman (Fisk Opus 139)

Along with the Harvard University Choir, led by Edward Elwyn Jones, featured soloists include Chapel Organist Christian Lane, composer-in-residence Carson Cooman, and inaugural season guests David Higgs and Chelsea Chen. The majority of these recordings were made for Harvard Media Services by Anthony DiBartolo.

The Charles B. Fisk and Peter J. Gomes Memorial Organ (Fisk Opus 139) was officially ‘opened’ during Easter Services in 2012.  Our program also features the Jane Slaughter Hardenberg Memorial Organ (Skinner Opus 793), as well as excerpts plays on instruments previously located in Appleton Chapel (Fisk Opus 46 from 1967; Aeolian-Skinner Opus 886 from 1932) and Adolphus Busch Hall (1958 Flentrop).


Enjoy some additional performances with these special web-exclusive features:

ARTHUR SULLIVAN:  St. Kevin (Come, ye faithful, raise the strain)" --> --the Easter Morning congregation at Memorial Church with the Harvard University Choir/Edward Jones, director; Christian Lane, organ (Fisk Opus 139)
LOUIS VIERNE:  Gloria, fr Messe solennelle, Op. 16" --> –Harvard University Choir/Edward Jones, director; Joseph Fort, organ (Fisk Opus 139), Christian Lane, organ (Skinner Opus 793)
MAURICE DURUFLÉ:  J.S. BACH: –David Higgs, organ (Fisk Opus 139)
GUSTAV MAHLER (trans. Briggs):  Adagietto, fr Symphony No. 5" --> –David Briggs, organ (Fisk Opus 139)
CARSON COOMAN:  Suite Breve, Opus 894 (Variations-Pastorale-Sortie)" --> –Carson Cooman, organ (Skinner Opus 793)


Also, for further background on some of the new works in this program, hear Carson Cooman talk about his “Fair Harvard" -->“ (for Fisk Opus 139) and the Gloucester Estampie" --> (for Fisk Opus 46).


Additionally, you can hear David Conte talk about his Prelude and Fugue , as well as the 2004 premiere performance recorded by Ken Cowan on another new Fisk pipe organ (Opus 117 at Pomona College in Claremont, CA) here.


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