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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[Christoph Frommen][decorative stamp]
Christoph Frommen

[1709 Andreas Silbermann at St. Etienne Abbey, Marmoutier, Alsace][decorative stamp]
1709 Andreas Silbermann at St. Etienne Abbey, Marmoutier, Alsace

[1988 Kleuker–Steinmeyer organ at the Tonhalle in Zürich, Switzerland][decorative stamp]
1988 Kleuker–Steinmeyer organ at the Tonhalle in Zürich, Switzerland

[2009 Grenzing/Parroquia de Santa Maria, Deba, Spain][decorative stamp]
2009 Grenzing at Parroquia de Santa Maria, Deba, Spain

[1891 Schyven at Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium][decorative stamp]
1891 Schyven at Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium

The Winds of Aeolus

…a glimpse at some intriguing repertoire and exquisite recordings made by engineer-producer Christoph Frommen for his Aeolus Music label.

Audio 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

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Michael Barone chats with Aeolus producer/engineer Chrisoph Frommen:

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J. S. BACH: Fugue in g, BWV 578Bernhard Klapprott (1761 J-A Silbermann/Arlesheim Cathedral, Switzerland). BACH: 4 Orgelbüchlein Chorales (Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, BWV 626; Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV 633; Christus, der uns selig macht, BWV 620) –Ewald Kooiman (1709 Andreas Silbermann/St. Etienne Abbey, Marmoutier, Alsace) Aeolus 10761

MARIO CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO: Prelude on the Name of Frederick Tulan, Op. 170, no. 49; Adoration, fr Sacred Service, Op. 122; Introduction, Aria and Fugue, Op. 159Livia Mazzanti (1988 Kleuker-Steinmeyer/Zurich Tonhalle, Switzerland) Aeolus 10541

THIERRY ESCAICH: Improvisation on a Basque Melody (Agur, Itziarko Birjina ederra) –José Ignacio Ansorena, Txistu; Thierry Escaich (2009 Grenzing/Parroquia de Santa Maria, Deba, Spain) Aeolus 10691

FLOR PEETERS: Chorale-prelude, Now rest beneath night’s shadow, Op. 68, no. 3; Paraphrase on Salve Regina, Op. 123Peter Van de Velda (1891 Schyven/Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium) Aeolus 10711

Hour 2

VINCENT LÜBECK: Prelude and Fugue in c, LübWV 6Léon Berben (1693 Schnitger-1993 Ahrend/St. Jacobi Church, Hamburg) Aeolus 10571

JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER: Capriccio No. 7Bob van Asperen (1688 SchnitgerLudgerikirche, Norden, Germany) Aeolus 10701

JOHANN HEINRICH BUTTSTETT: Praeludium dStanislas Deriemaeker (1993 Metzler/Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp Cathedral, Belgium) Unda Maris 20431

FRITZ KREISLER: Prelude & AllegroNadja Nevolovitsch, violin; Peter Van de Velde (1891 Schyven/Antwerp Cathedral) Aeolus 10981

ALEXANDRE BOËLY: Cantique (Le Vermeil du Soleil), Op. 15, no. 9; Allegro ma non troppo in f, Op. 18, no. 7Daniel Roth (1862 Cavaillé0Coll/Bayeux Cathedral, France) Aeolus 10381

EDOUARD BATISTE: Communion in F, Op. 31 (after Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1). BATISTE: Offertoire in B–flat, Op. 28Diego Innocenzi (1857 Merklin & Schütze/Cathedral de Santa Maria, Murcia, Spain) Aeolus 10731.

BACH: Fantasy and Fugue in c, BWV 537Ewald Kooiman (1732 Andreas Silbermann/St. Maurice Abbey, Ebersmünster, France) Aeolus 10761

In connection with the recent broadcast of "The Winds of Aeolus", most Aeolus-Music compact discs will be on sale for a limited time (until December 10) through their USA distributor. Also, all single JAV Recordings will be on sale during that same time period. To access individual Aeolus items, click the CD number in the playlist above.



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