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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1987 Kney organ at the University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, MN][decorative stamp]
1987 Kney organ at the University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, MN

[1987 Kney organ at the University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, MN][decorative stamp]
Gabriel Kney

[2000 GoArt/Örgryte New Church, Göteburg, Sweden][decorative stamp]

Kney Sayers

…positive returns from the numerous soloists who have presented concerts on the instrument Gabriel Kney built for the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, MN.

Audio 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

Audio 59:00 Min

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Audio on this instrument, performed by Hans Fagius in 1987, as featured on Pipedreams Program 8902

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J. S. BACH: Piece d’Orgue (Fantasy) in G, BWV 572Hans Fagius (r. 11/6/07)

G. F. HANDEL: Concerto in F, Op. 4, no. 5John Scott (r. 4/14/08)

ALEXANDRE BOëLY: Andante in b; Toccata in b, Op. 43, no. 13 —Michel Bouvard (r. 3/17/13)

JEAN-LOUIS FLORENTZ: La Croix du Sud (USA premiere) —Olivier Latry (r. 4/15/02)

MARCEL DUPRé: The World Awaiting the Savior, fr Symphonie-Passion, Op. 23Thierry Escaich (r. 4/17/07)

Hour 2

HERBERT HOWELLS: Magnificat, fr St. Paul’s ServiceChoir of Claire College, Cambridge/Tim Brown, director; Ashok Gupta, organist (r. 9/25/10)

JAMES CALLAHAN: 2 Pieces on Gregorian Themes (Veni, veni Emmanuel; Veni Creator Spiritus) –James Callahan (r. 9/19/05)

JESPER MADSEN: Praetorius Variations –István Rupert (r. 10/25/04)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Valse Mignonne, Op. 142, no. 2 –Ahreum Han (r. 3/3/13)

PETR EBEN: A Festive Voluntary (Variations on Good King Wenceslas)Hyeon Jeong (r. 6/16/03)

RACHEL LAURIN: Epilogue, Op. 50Rachel Laurin (r. 11/9/09)

All performances feature the three-manual, 56-rank tracker-action organ built in 1986 by Gabriel Kney for the University’s acoustically supportive St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel.

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