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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1997 Schoenstein organ at First Plymouth Congregation Church, Lincoln, Nebraska][decorative stamp]
1997 Schoenstein organ at First Plymouth Congregation Church, Lincoln, Nebraska

[1965 Beuchet-Debierre organ at Cathedrale Saint Peter, Angouleme, France][decorative stamp]
1965 Beuchet-Debierre organ at Cathédrale Saint Peter, Angouleme, France

[1981 Kleuker organ at Chant d'Oiseau Church, Brussels, Belgium][decorative stamp]
1981 Kleuker organ at Chant d’Oiseau Church, Brussels, Belgium

[1890 Hill organ at Town Hall, Sydney, Australia][decorative stamp]
1890 Hill organ at Town Hall, Sydney, Australia

Some Spring Notes

…enhancing that ‘spring feeling’ with scores from the classics to Broadway songs, tuneful takes on the change of seasons.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1114 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1114 Hour 2 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J.S. BACH: Awake, thou wintry earth, from Cantata Number 129 –Columbia Chamber Symphony, Zoltan Rozsnyai, conductor; E. Power Biggs (1770 Mallon; 1942 Schuke/Stadtpfarrkirche, Eisenstadt, Austria) CBS Masterworks MK 42645

ANTONIO VIVALDI (transcribed by Beauregard): Concerto in E, Opus 8, number 1, La Primavera, from The Four SeasonsArnaud de Beauregard (1981 Kleuker/Eglise du Chant d’Oiseau, Brussels, Belgium) Beauregard 2000

RUDOLF LUTZ: Spring Concerto Improvisation –Rudolf Lutz (2007 Kuhn/Monastery Church, Engelberg, Switzerland), Organ Promotion 4007

ALFRED HOLLINS: Spring SongHerman van Vliet (1762 Bätz; 1921 Bik/Evangelical Lutheran Church, Den Haag, The Netherlands) Festivo FECD-116

SIDNEY TORCH: On a Spring NoteTom Hazleton (Wurlitzer hybrid/Nethercutt Collection, San Sylmar, CA) Klavier K 77014

RUBE BLOOM: Spring FeverDavid Peckham (1925 Marr & Colton/Clemens Center, Elmira, NY) Veteran Hill Productions 1961

VERNON DUKE: April in ParisGeorge Wright (Wurlitzer organs) Banda CD-59658 & Banda CD-12295

IRVING BERLIN: Easter ParadeRon Rhode (1930 Wurlitzer/Hochmuth-Stankey Residence, New Lenov, IL) Roxy Productions CD-109

RICHARD RODGERS: Younger than springtime/Wonderful guy, from South PacificLyn Larsen (1926 Wurlitzer/Century II Convention Center, Wichita, KS) Pro Arte CD-339

Hour 2

JOHANN STRAUSS II: Voices of Spring, Opus 410 –Tom Gnaster (1929 Barton/Granada Theatre, Kansas City, KS) P&P Productions 031693

LÁSZLÓ FASSANG: Impressions of “Voices of Spring”, improvisation –László Fassang (2006 Mühleisen; Pécsi/Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Palace of the arts, Budapest, Hungary) Organ Promotion 4005

DAVID TIMM: Frühling, improvisation –David Timm (2002 Rensch/Martinskirche, Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany) Organ Promotion 4004

ALFRED HOLLINS: A Song of Sunshine –David Drury (1890 Hill/Town Hall, Sydney, Australia) ABC Classics 432 527

JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK: Variations, Onder een Linde groenBernard Winsemius (1663 Smit/St. Nicolaaskerk, Edam, the Netherlands) InterSound 1009

SETH BINGHAM: Primavera, from Harmonies of Florence, Opus 27, number 2 –Christopher Marks (1997 Schoenstein/First Plymouth Congregational, Lincoln, NE) Raven OAR-991

RUDOLF FRIML: Echoes of Spring –Jason Alden (2000 Reuter/Our Lady of the Lake RCC, Rockwall, TX) Raven OAR-911

CHRISTIAN SINDING: Rustle of SpringReginald Foort (1938 Möller traveling organ) Piping Hot CD-2006

JOSEPH BONNET: In Memoriam Titanic [April 14-15, 1912] –Michael Overbury (1909 Binns/Albert Hall, Nottingham, England, UK) Priory PRCD916

JOSEPH BONNET: Chant de printemps, Opus 7, number 6 –Frederic Ledroit (1965 Beuchet-Debierre/St. Peter Cathedral, Angouleme, France) Skarbo 1026


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