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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1997 Schoenstein organ at Saint Paul's [decorative stamp]
1997 Schoenstein organ at Saint Paul’s “K” Street, Washington DC

[2001 Lively-Fulcher organ at Saint Olaf Catholic Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota][decorative stamp]
2001 Lively-Fulcher organ at Saint Olaf RCC, Minneapolis, Minnesota

[1743 Hinsz organ at the Bovenkerk, Kampen, The Netherlands][decorative stamp]
1743 Hinsz organ at the Bovenkerk, Kampen, The Netherlands

[1988 Metzler organ at the Church of Saint Nicolas, Bremgarten, Switzerland][decorative stamp]
1988 Metzler organ at the Church of Saint Nicolas, Bremgarten, Switzerland

[1868 Cavaille-Coll organ at Cathedrale Notre Dame, Paris, France][decorative stamp]
1868 Cavaillé-Coll organ at Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris, France

[1895; 1991 Rieger organ at Dominikanerkirche, Vienna, Austria][decorative stamp]
1895; 1991 Rieger organ at Dominikanerkirche, Vienna, Austria

Various and Sundry

…how better to explore a pipe organ’s voices, and test a player’s mettle, than in the playing of variations?!

Audio 1 hr 58 min

Audio 59:00 min

Audio 59:00 min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J.S. BACH: Partita, Christ, der du bist der helle Tag, BWV 766 –Christopher Herrick (1988 Metzler/Stadtkirche St. Nikolaus, Bremgarten, Switzerland) Hyperion CDA66455

BJARNE SLØGEDAL: Variations on a Norwegian Folktune –Lynn Trapp (2001 Lively-Fulcher/St. Olaf RCC, Minneapolis, MN) Saint Olaf RCC CD-2006

HANS HASELBÖCK: Variations on Veni praecelse Domina –Vienna Hofburgkapelle Schola, Thomas Holmes, conductor; Hans Haselböck (1896; 1991 Rieger/Dominican Church, Vienna, Austria) Edition Lade CD-040

FLORENCE PRICE: Variations on a Folk Tune Peter, go ring dem bellsMargaret Martin Kvamme (1889 Felgemaker; 1988 Goodwin/Holy Cross RCC, Santa Cruz, CA) Albany TROY940

SIR EDWARD ELGAR: Nimrod, from Enigma Variations, Opus 36 –Nigel Potts (1997 Schoenstein/St. Paul “K” Street, Washington, DC) Herald CD-344

JOHN WEAVER: Introduction & Variations on Lasst uns erfreuenJohn Weaver (1961 Casavant Frères; 2000 Schantz/Madison Avenue Presbyterian, New York, NY) JAV CD-157

Filler –J.S. BACH (see above)

Hour 2

WILLEM van TWILLERT: Prelude on Psalm 101 –Willem van Twillert (1743 Hinsz/Bovenkerk, Kampen, The Netherlands) Festivo FECD-126

WILLEM HENDRIK ZWART: Variations on Psalm 116 –Harm Hoeve (1743 Hinsz/Bovenkerk, Kampen, The Netherlands) STH Sacred Music 196012

SIETZE de VRIES: Variations on Die launische ForelleSietze de Vries (1855 Breinbauer/Parish Church, Saxen, Austria) Kögler 2008

ANTHONY NEWMAN: Variations on Battle Hymn of the Republic, from Symphony Number 1 –Anthony Newman (1995 Russell/St. Matthew Episcopal, Bedford, NY) Newman CD

TOON HAGEN: Variations on Vater unser im HimmelreichRoger Sherman (2004 Fritts/Thomsen Chapel, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA) reZound RZCD-5012

J.S. BACH (transcribed by Messerer): Chaconne in d, BWV 1004 –Olivier Latry (1868 Cavaillé-Coll/Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France) Deutsche Grammophon 474 8162

Filler –JOHN WEAVER (see above)


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