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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1965 Beuchet-Debierre organ at Saint Peter's Cathedral, Angouleme, France][decorative stamp]
1965 Beuchet-Debierre organ at Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Angouleme, France

[1976 Flentrop organ at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina][decorative stamp]
1976 Flentrop organ at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

[1568 Damian Luis organ at Catedral Nueva de Salamanca, Spain][decorative stamp]
1568 Damian Luis organ at Catedral Nueva de Salamanca, Spain

[1939 Sauer organ at the Cathedral, Bremen, Germany][decorative stamp]
1939 Sauer organ at the Cathedral, Bremen, Germany

[1886 Merklin; 1960 Kuhn; Nicolle, Valentin, Mesle organ at Sanctuaire Saint-Bonaventure, Lyon, France][decorative stamp]
1886 Merklin; 1960 Kuhn; 1985 Nicolle, Valentin, Meslé organ at Sanctuaire Saint-Bonaventure, Lyon, France

[1994 Walker organ at Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England, UK][decorative stamp]
1994 Walker organ at Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England, UK

Centenary Celebrations 2010 (Part 1)

…a summary salute to the memory of several composers who reached significant milestones in the first half of this year.

Audio 1 hr 58 min

Audio 59:00 min

Audio 59:00 min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

ANTOIO de CABEZON [b. 1510]: Pavana con su glosaDominique Ferran (1727 anonymous/San Jerónimo, Tlacochahuaya, Ciudad de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México) K617 K.617049

ANTOIO de CABEZON: Tiento del Cuarto Tono; Dos pavanas para vihuelaKimberly Marshall (1738 Enriquez/San Miguel, Villalon de Campos, Spain) Valois 4645

ANTOIO de CABEZON: Segundo tiento de premer tonoJosep ma Mas I Bonet (1703 Bosca; 1977 Blancafourt/Santa Maria, Montblanc, Spain) Valois 4651

THOMAS AUGUSTINE ARNE [b. 1710]: Organ Concerto Number 4 in B-flat –Brandenburg Orchestra of Berlin, René Klopfenstein, conductor; Jean Guillou (1964 Kleucker/Luther-kirche, Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany) Philips 446 646

FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN [b. 1810]: Fugue in a –Charles Callahan (1949 Kilgen; 1997 Wicks/Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO) Pro Organo CD 7232

FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN (transcribed by Cameron Carpenter): Etude in c, Opus 10, number 12, RevolutionaryCameron Carpenter (2003 Marshall & Ogletree Opus 1/Trinity Episcopal, New York, NY) Telarc CD-80711

SAMUEL BARBER [b. 1910]: Toccata Festiva, Opus 36 –Jean-Pierre Ferey, piano; Frédéric Ledroit (1965 Beuchet-Debierre/St. Peter Cathedral, Angouleme, France) Skarbo 4078

Filler –SAMUEL BARBER: Toccata Festiva –Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy; E. Power Biggs, organ; Sony Classical 94739

Hour 2

ANTOIO de CABEZON: Variations on the Milanese Gailliard –Robert Parkins (1976 Flentrop/Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC) Naxos 8.550705

ANTOIO de CABEZON: Prenez pitiéGuy Bovet (1560 Luis/Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain) Valois 4650

ANTOIO de CABEZON: 3 Pieces: O lux beata trinitas; Tiento du premier ton; Tres diferencias sobre ‘Ave Maris stella’Francis Chapelet (17th c. Anonymous/Collegiate Church, Trujillo, Spain) Harmonia Mundi CD-1901226

ELSA BARRAINE [b. 1910]: Prelude & Fugue Number 1 [1928] –Wolfgang Baumgratz (1939 Sauer/St. Peter Cathedral, Bremen, Germany) IFO 00 040

SAMUEL BARBER: Prelude & Fugue in b [1927] –Iain Quinn (1962 Harrison & Harrison/Coventry Cathedral, England, UK) Chandos CD-10489

FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN (transcribed by Franz Liszt): 2 Preludes, Opus 28: Number 4 in e; Number 9 in E –Jean-Paul Imbert (1886 Merklin; 1960 Kuhn; Nicolle, Valentin, Meslé/Sanctuaire Saint-Bonaventure, Lyon, France) Festivo 6941 752

SAMUEL BARBER (arranged by Strickland): Adagio for Strings, Opus 11 –Thomas Bara (2003 Reuter/St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Alexandria, LA) Raven OAR-940

SAMUEL BARBER: Wondrous Love Variations; Happy Birthday!Jeremy Filsell (1994 Walker/Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, England, UK) Guild GMCD 7145

Filler –ELSA BARRAINE (see above)


Yes, we know…Antonio de Cabezon born in 1510 has his 500th Anniversary in 2010!

By way of excuse, all of Mr. Barone’s huge editorial support staff was on vacation in Majorca when this show was produced, as was Barone’s brain. Since he was born in the 1900s, he still is having trouble making the transition into the 21st century. Apologies to Cabezon’s friends and heirs, and thanks to all the eagle-eared listeners who have brought this to his/our, now very self-conscious, attention. Perhaps we should start a weekly contest: Where’s the Error?!



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